IBM PowerSystems with AIX Course

Hello Unix Fellas!

It’s a pleasure to present you with this Rapid Track Course for Understanding IBM PowerSystems with AIX and Linux (Yes, Linux on Power will be present on it – not too deep as AIX – but will).

This Course is being developed as i’m getting time to Post and Create Videos about a Logical Sequence to Know better about this Awesome Architecture :: IBM POWER SYSTEMS.

This will be developed based on my personal needing of having good additional extra study material/content for my Students and Mentees that i used to teach those kind of stuff!

The Topics are (will be available as soon as they will getting links on it, be sure to subscribe for updates and stay connected with me):

1.1 – Power Systems Basics # Introduction

1.2 – Power Systems Basics # Architecture Overview

1.3 – Power Systems Basics # HMC # What you need to know about the Hardware Management Console (HMC)

—- 1.3.1 – Power Systems Basics # HMC #1 – How to connect a Frame (Power Hardware) to a HMC and solve problems regarding ASMI Passwords

—- 1.3.1 – Power Systems Basics # HMC #2 – CoD (Capacity on Demand) and How to check Frame Capabilities

—- 1.3.2 – Power Systems Basics # HMC #3 – Managing Users and Access

—- 1.3.3 – Power Systems Basics # HMC #4 – Upgrading HMC Software Version

—- 1.3.4 – Power Systems Basics # HMC #5 – Commands (The Dark Side of the HMC)

Any other doubts? Suggestions? Please, write to me! Joao Bosco Cortez Filho